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"How Doing a Few Simple Voice Box
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RE: How To Get The Voice You've Dreamed Of Without Surgery Or Expensive Voice Lessons


In a moment, you're going to discover a proven way to deepen your voice ... and transform you life!

There's no doubt in my mind that a deep, crisp, timber voice opens the door to opportunity.

If you agree that a strong deep voice instantly commands respect ... increases a person's social value ... generates more promotions and career offers ... and helps attract more women, then you'll want to read this!

Because, if there's even a remote chance that your voice is stopping you from getting the respect you deserve... robbing you of a better career and higher earnings... or ruining your chance with the ladies...


A weak voice isn't built into your DNA ... it's not caused by small vocal chords or a tiny voice box.

Voice chords are a muscle group. And just like any other muscle in your body, they can be developed through strengthening exercise.

You see, it's your vocal chords that are responsible for the raw tone that comes out of your mouth.

Sure, your mouth and tongue help you to form specific words and sounds, but it's those tight, not so limber vocal chords and a stressed out voice box that gives you that weak and high pitched squeaky voice.

And lucky for you, there are some corrective measures you can immediately take to turn this problem around - FOR GOOD!


What Are You Missing Without a Strong,
Deep, Timber Voice?


People might not do it consciously but subconsciously they associate a meek, squeaky voice with a lack of confidence or suspicious behavior.

You see, people tend to be uncomfortable when they see or hear something unusual, and a meek, squeaky voice is just far enough out of their comfort zone.

Plus, there are people who unfairly judge others because of height, weight, acne, and even their chicken-duck voice.

The bottom line: most people just don’t trust a voice that doesn’t have a deep, timber tone.

Here’s the shocking truth...

I know this, because I’ve walked in your shoes!

For almost 32 years I had a high-pitched, shrill, female voice (no offence ladies). And, I was ashamed and embarrassed because of it.

Okay, so perhaps my childhood wasn’t all that bad, but as a young adult my life sucked!

I was the guy whose voice never changed... the guy that others ridiculed and girls ignored... which made me very uncomfortable, so I put up all kinds of roadblocks and became my own best friend.

And before I knew it, I was known as the geeky, shy, nerd ... who hardly spoke ... who rarely defended himself ... and who had absolutely no social life. Pretty sad, eh?

Perhaps things aren’t quite that bad for you, but if you’re reading this page I’m guessing that your voice bugs you a lot too, right?  

My point is, you don’t have to settle for a voice that you don’t like.


After strengthening my voice, the way I was treated
was as different as night and day.

That's exactly what I'm looking for!

By doing a few simple exercises, you can create a strong, consistent and reliable voice!

I have shown thousands of guys how to sound manly, (some dropped an entire octave from their normal range).

And, if you are willing to invest 3 to 5 minutes each day to do a few simple stretching and strengthening exercises - you can have the deep, strong and sexy voice you’ve always wanted.


The Wildly Successful Voice Deepening System will transform your voice in less than 9 days
— just like it did for me!


I tried countless voice enhancing systems, products and advice, until I finally found the right combination of exercises and techniques - that ACTUALLY WORK!

In fact, what I put together is so effective that within a few short months it has already positively impacted the lives of over 271 men (and counting!)

And, I’m sure that the more you read on, the more you’ll be convinced that this is one of the best voice transformation programs on the market today.

“So Rudy, what do I learn?”

Great question! Let me walk you through a tiny taste of what you’ll get with this voice transforming system. You’ll get:  

The simple paint-by-the-number process used to strengthen your voice box and larynx. (In fact, you get the exact step-by-step blueprint I use to transform any voice in as little as 9 days. It’s a foolproof template!
The 7-step system for maintaining a deep, sexy voice throughout your lifetime. Follow these and you’ll never have to deal with a meek, squeaky voice again!
How a few simple tweaks to your morning routine will wake up your larynx and voice box and maintain a deep, timber tone throughout the day.
Discover a 10 step system to keep your voice box supple! You get an ‘over-the-shoulder’ look at the explosive secret weapon that slashed voice improvement times down to 9 days!
PLUS: The right way to cushion your vocal chords so they don’t have to work as hard. (The less strain you put on your vocal chords, the faster you’ll deepen your voice.)
An insanely powerful 3-step voice-training system that helps you to find your pitch and timber on cue.
You’ll KNOW exactly what results you can anticipate achieving from vocal chord and voice box strengthening ... and how soon you can expect them. I’ll tell you.
Real-world examples of how other meek and weak voice sufferers have created a strong, deep and sexy voice. Start using these techniques immediately and you’ll hear instant results.
You’ll get a recap of all the hottest (and most valuable) voice-enhancing products on the market. I’ve tested the heck out of them and will pass the knowledge of what works on to you.
You’ll discover the power behind your stemocleidomastoid muscles and the role these muscles play in improving your voice.
PLUS: The death of the thin neck! Not only is a thick neck a major improvement to your appearance, it also helps to deepen your voice. I’ll explain how your neck affects your voice and show you exactly how to use your neck to improve your voice. 
The right way to relax and de-stress your vocal chords.  Normally after a few waking hours vocal chords get tight and tense. Use this technique throughout the day to keep your vocal chords limber, so you don’t squeak.  
The 6 ways to instantly build a voice of depth and trust. Use these techniques and women will be drawn to you like a magnet to steel.
REVEALED: Why posture has a lot to do with voice resonance and how you can practice posture building when you practice my voice strengthening techniques.
Learn the step-by-step recipe that has cooked up 271 happy voice-deepening customers.  Just follow these simple rules and you can fast-track your results too.
PLUS: How to use a “secret hum” to call upon that sweet spot in your voice – each and every time. This mental re-enforcement helps your voice to respond permanently to training.
How society has blurred our view of what is considered “masculine” and how you can fight back by changing your voice.  
How to train yourself to find the right pitch: Practice these 4 powerful voice exercises and you’ll quickly imprint your new straight into your brain’s memory.
What you “need to know” about Laryngeal Framework Surgery before going under the knife.... Plus, all about post operation care. 

I’ve Done All the Hard Work So You Don’t Have To...

Inside this voice transformation system, I reveal the tips, tricks and techniques that I’ve discovered ... and I deliver them in an easy-to-use format to help you conquer the voice injustice you're facing.

This is completely NEW MATERIAL, and every guy that I've shared this with is amazed at the results they get from it.

"The Book Is Not Long, But The
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Corwin Collins - Alberta, CA

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Trevor Sorrano - Dallas, TX

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"After my sex change everything was great.. Except my voice! The exercises in this book helped make me sound much more manly. Thanks Rudy, I truly appreciate it."

James Rolson - Chicago, IL

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Here’s How It Works…

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This cool little piece of interactive software will dramatically help you by allowing you to estimate the abilities of your voice, and develop a deeper voice pitch.

Not only is it an awesome tool to improve your voice, but it also allows you to track progress.

Now you can actually see your voice getting deeper!

Women want a confident man, and this step-by-step guide will help you gain the confidence you need to easily attract women, lucrative jobs, and money.

Here are a few of the things you'll learn in this ebook:

  • How to recognize your low confidence level, and what to do about it
  • The secrets of confident, successful people
  • How to increase your level of confidence to get what you want in life

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Once you have a new, deep voice and increased self confidence you'll want to be able to test it out with the ladies, so I wanted to make sure you were prepared.

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You will receive a unique login information for access to the members area, where you can find all kinds of useful information and downloads such as:

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Just to prove to you that I am fully committed to your succes, I am offering you full email support from me personally... FOREVER.

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Currently this is the second edition of Deep Voice Mastery.

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"A Voice-Makeover with Awesome Benefits..."

Let me ask you this:
What if these exercises help you deepen your voice - would you feel more attractive and confident?  Would you get more dates or a better job? Or, do you want to stick with the voice you have now and feel uncomfortable every time you open your mouth? How much would a strong, deeper, more timber voice be worth to you?

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