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I've made this as easy as possible for you to get your pre-formatted text links, banner ads, articles and email series that come embedded with your affiliate link. All you have to do is enter your Clickbank Affiliate ID below and click the "Show Affiliate Codes" botton to generate the links. Then, just copy and paste the tool you want to use. That's it. It is that easy.

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I'd also like to thank-you and let you know that I'll do everything I can to help you succeed as I don't win unless you win. And by win, I mean make money and add value to our customers or clients.

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Rudy Hanes

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Attracted more women with a deep voice. Free report shows you how to lower you voice naturally, without surgery or expensive lessons: http://.voicedeep.hop.clickbank.net

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Are you sick of being made fun of because of your high pitched voice? Grab this free report that shows you how to naturally lower your voice without surgery: http://.voicedeep.hop.clickbank.net

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Grab this free report that shows you how to lower your voice naturally, without surgery!

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Getting Started Guide

If you are a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, this guide will help you get started on your way to earning ongoing commissions of 70% of each and every sale of my manual, each and every month! This is a simple step-by-step process where I hold your hand and walk you through each step to create your referral links.

1) Create Your Clickbank Affiliate ID: If you haven't created your Clickbank Affiliate ID yet, click this link to enter your information and receive your unique Clickbank ID so I can track all your referrals and sales.

On the sign-up page, it will walk you through what information is required so I can pay you every month.

2) Create Your Referral Links: Once you have your Clickbank Affiliate ID, all you have to do is enter it in The Easy, One-Click Link Builder located above. Once you enter your affiliate ID, and click "Show Affiliate Codes", all the affiliate marketing tools are updated to include your unique ID so I can track any sales you send my way. As long as a potential customer buys from me within 60 days of clicking on one of your links ... presto, you get paid 70% of that sale right into your account.

You can log into the Affiliate Dashboard and see your earnings, which are paid out every month by Clickbank once you reach their threshold. For more information on how Clickbank pays out your affiliate commissions, click here.

If you have any questions about the setup process, please contact my Support Desk and open up a ticket.

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